ALERT Virus of the Mind Detected!

ALERT Virus of the Mind Detected!

I had a virus on my Macbook recently. Whenever I was doing work or watching anything on my laptop pop up screens would continually appear in front of the tab I was using, my work would be distracted I had to continuously close the tabs one at a time but they just kept coming. This became really frustrating and on top of that I was told that Macs cannot get viruses so I became more confused at what was going on.

Eventually, it got so bad I couldn’t do anything, I took the laptop to a repair store and they told me yes it has a virus. The guy showed me that there was a piece of software there available to clear it up I just simply didn’t know about it, this software cleared the virus and with all that clutter cleared up the laptop returned to its excellent running order.

As I watched in the space of two minutes the virus so simply removed it got me reflecting.
We as human beings over time have innocently had a “virus” engrained into our system. That virus is what I refer to as the Outside-In misunderstanding. But the beauty is we all have a built-in clearing system that most of just don’t realize is available within us.

The “Virus”
Humanity for a long time has been living with the clutter of trying to operate a system that doesn’t work the way we think it does. When we fall for the trick that anything Outside of our inner system is the cause of our experience what happens is, like the pop-ups on the laptops, our mind gets cluttered with constant pop-ups of misunderstanding that seem to be real. We then try in vain to change circumstances/outside sources in order to try feel normal and happy again a lot of the time reverting to coping mechanisms like bad habits and even medicating in many different ways. When the cause never comes from outside of us in the first place changing outside of us doesnt help, in fact, it sends us on a never-ending pursuit, looking for solutions in places they cannot be found.

The Anti Virus Solution?
As easy as the guy returned by MacBook back to its natural design there is an understanding of the mind which is every single human being’s true nature, waiting to be discovered behind all the clutter.
We point to this truth in conversation and curious reflection, pointing to the fact that all experience is generated within us moment to moment, we live in the feeling of the energy of Thought which flows through all humans and creates our personal thinking, perceptions and feelings. The amazing thing is, because this is a universal fact of how our mind functions, all it takes is an insight back into this knowing which is waiting to be remembered within us all. The human psychological system can return back to its natural running order of love, freedom and peace. The conditioned outside-in misunderstanding no longer makes sense. The clutter, tension, feeling of somewhere better to get to or the nagging feeling that something is wrong begins to clear on its own.
Anyway as I was leaving the store the guys explained to me that now the anti-virus software was installed, the computer may still pick up the pop up virus from time to time but the software will clear it up easily and quickly.


Just like understanding how the human experience truly works, once we have this insight into our true nature, we will still be prone to falling for the outside-in trick, but this knowing within us works as a psychological immune system and clears up the misunderstanding on its own. No doing no coping no more trying in vain to control the world around you in order to control your own feelings. Just moving through life, in touch with your true nature, knowing that you have everything you could ever need within you 100% of the time. We have an amazing design to our system and when we are in line with how it truly works the whole game changes.


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