What Does Success Really FEEL Like?

What Does Success Really FEEL Like?

I grew up as a kid and an impressionable young man, believing that success only looked a particular way. It was based on things on the outside- job, money, relationship, car, house, the list goes on.

It seemed as though we should set some big goals and don’t let up on the hustle and grind until we achieve our goals and are a big success and live happily ever after.





I had a goal as a kid to be a professional rugby player and I honestly thought once I got there my life would be perfect. Once I achieved that I was excited but it was not the fairy tail I had perceived and it was straight onto the next part of the pursuit. I am sure so many people can relate to that type of illusion.





Goals can be of service to us and money is a great thing to have. What we have to ask ourselves is do we look at these things and chase them to bring us a feeling of security and contentment and to live up to others and our own misled expectations?

If this is the case we will always be one car away from happiness, one pair of shoes, one house, one new outfit. The list goes on. When you focus on things to bring you joy, your life will be a constant pursuit, always chasing the next thing or achievement. Nothing outside yourself can ever bring you true peace of mind, happiness, security, love, freedom, empowerment. It can seem so at times but it is an illusion.

The true source of freedom, joy and happiness is and always has been inside of us. That is why all the wise sages have always said to “look within.”

Far beyond all the concepts created by the conditioned thinking is a universal truth. This truth is the same for every single human being. Coming to understand this truth really does set us free from the rat race or the wild goose chase. When we free ourselves from these concepts we become open to the space where clarity resides. Clear direction and creative capacity for outstanding results in all areas of life, health, relationships and career. Clear insight into our built in well-being.

Truth= Reality is created from within always.

Within= Deep within, the stillness before our personal thinking content.

If you fail to realise this you will get to the the end only to see everything we were chasing was actually just a mirage that we thought could fill an imagined void. Fulfilment was always there inside of us waiting to be found again.

Have you ever felt completely peaceful for a moment and happy in the midst of a whole lot of shit going on outside of you? That’s the truth coming up from within, it is always there. That is the space where we flow from.

Have you ever met someone really “successful” who has heaps of money, an awesome car and a great job title but when you have a conversation with them they come across as a bit arrogant and insecure or are really lacking any substance or depth beyond their exterior? Some of the most successful people when it comes to things are the most unsuccessful when it comes to truly enjoying life.

If we follow mainstreams misunderstanding of success this is the path is easy to take. I’m not judging anyone because I have been a part of that misunderstanding and for short moments can still slip into that illusion that circumstances outside of me create my feelings.

On the flip side, there are a lot of people who operate from a clear understanding of the human experience and life amazingly enjoyable lives and create great success in terms of career and lifestyle which come as by-product of realising true fulfilment is already within it is our true nature and never ever comes from outside circumstances. These are the people who if they were to lose everything materially, firstly would be absolutely fine and secondly, if they wanted to they could start from scratch and rebuild their outward success because they know true value is always within.

The Teddy Bear-

 A young child can have a favourite teddy and starts to relate the feelings of love and security to the teddy bear but the feelings are only ever coming from generated from within the child 100% of the time. If the teddy bear gets lost the child starts to feel anxious and distressed without it. 0% of those feelings are coming from the teddy bear not being there and 100% of them are coming from the child’s thought perceived reality in the moment. When those thoughts pass, so will that anxiety. It is simple to see this, but now replace that teddy bear and child with an adult and their version of the teddy bear- that can be things such as job, relationship, money, possessions, identity and so on. The belief that these outside things create the feeling of safety, love, freedom are as much of an illusion as the child’s teddy bear. And same goes when we start to feel stress or worry over a future situation or something like our own identity. Those feelings are never from the “teddy bear” only ever thought in the moment.

When we start to see we are living in a thought perceived reality we can take a step back and open up to the deeper space of our true nature. This is where all the chasing, grinding, hustle falls away and creativity flows through us from this space. We no longer need to measure everything all the time.

If we weren’t so caught up worrying where we are at on the illusory ladder of success and trying to measure everything what would it feel like to just be…?

That measuring comes from the ego.

Now I used to think it was bad to have an ego, like your a really selfish arrogant person if you have an ego. Truth is every single human has ego, it is that little voice of self-importance. The freedom comes in understanding that the ego will still pop up into your thinking content but when you realise that is all it is, just thought, you don’t have to act on it or believe it to be true. Just let it pass. You know it’s the ego talking when it is coming from a low feeling state.

There is an understanding within us all that allows us to see, whether it is a Monday morning or a Saturday night, that life is at its best right now. You experience everything in life with more clarity and understanding and even in the moments when your mind is in overdrive you know it will pass.

To me, the success that surpasses any other is knowing that right this very moment you are the richest person in the world because there is absolutely nothing more you need. This is the one constant truth within all human beings. The creative force behind all of us that we are constantly connected to. From this place can create amazing results. No matter who you are.

Much Love,






Ps: Feel free to get in touch if any of this resonates with you. I love to connect with people and do my best to point people in the right direction. I also know lots of amazing people and awesome resources that point to this life-changing understanding.


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