The Pursuit of Perfect

The Pursuit of Perfect

Who out there is on a quest to be perfect? To be the absolute best they can be?

Grinding, trying to be the best you, live your dream and all that?

I have got one of the worlds best-kept secrets for you…

You already are perfect. You are all you can be and more right this second.

You may be thinking,

“Another motivational article bla bla bla. ”

Stay with me for a minute because the “perfect” I am speaking of includes even those who feel the most imperfect at times.

Yes that includes you who just lost the job, got divorced, in debt, performed poorly on the sports field or have a face full of pimples. This includes you that has everything yet often feels discontent with life.

Every single one of us is a beautiful expression of perfect in every single way.

“Well I sure don’t feel it..” You may be thinking.

You may feel down in the dumps right now, but there is a game changing insight I want to share with you.

Part of our perfect design is to not feel perfect all of the time. We live in the feeling of an energy that flows through us, this is one of lifes best-kept secrets. It seems to us and so we are taught from a young age by our fellow innocently misled humans, that we live in the feeling of circumstances, environments and other people etc. But the greatest gift you’ll ever receive is in realising true perfection, is what we hold within constantly it never leaves us, it is our true essence. When we don’t feel that perfection we are just caught in a momentary misunderstanding of where our experience is coming from.

Truth= We work from Inside-Out: Our experience is created from within us through the energy of Thought.

Illusion= We work from Outside-In: Our feelings come from something other than the formless energy of Thought e.g job, health, bank account, appearance, partner etc.

It is completely normal to flow between Truth and Illusion many times a day, actually it is a given part of being human. The great thing about this gift of understanding I am speaking of is it allows us to insightfully know that even when it seems like we are feeling life from “out there” and it seems we are a victim of circumstance, beyond that there is a constant and perfect wisdom with that never leaves us. This allows us to know we don’t need to act on the personal thinking that arises with the illusion of seeing our experience from outside-in. This knowing allows us to flow with more ease back into living from truth and clarity which are a natural by-product of knowing we work from the inside-out. From this knowing our decisions are clearer and wiser we no longer need to change the world around us to feel good.

We rest in knowing that we are perfect all of the time. From this knowing we show up with far more clarity and our creative, loving, peaceful nature and true potential shine through more of the time.

I used to be caught alot in the misunderstanding that “perfect” lay somewhere out there, in a sporting performance, a contract, a partner, a house. Even when I was young I believed something as silly as my pimples were causing my low feeling state and that I would feel good again when my skin cleared. The clutter that arose from the initial illusion that circumstance can create feeling had a lot of knock-on effects, I was always chasing something or waiting for something to pass to feel good again. This illusion that our feelings come from outside of us: somewhere other than the neutral invisible energy of Thought, really sent me on a wild goose chase. This led to a lot of clutter of the mind and a lot of reactive behaviour like angry outbursts, fighting, drinking and plenty more. These behaviours were a by-product of believing my feelings came from circumstance and were without realising it a way to try and cope.

My life changed completely with one simple insight.

I saw that the truth of who we are lies within, we all are absolutely perfect no matter what is going on out there or has happened in the past. I saw that love is our true nature and that there is nothing to get to “out there” that can create that love and perfection.

That love, wisdom, clarity, perfection is within us all constantly, we just miss it sometimes when we are caught in the outside-in illusion.

One of the most profound implications that arose through this insight I received was the realisation of the“psychological immune system” all humans have. This system allows our old cluttered thinking to clear and clarity that was always there behind the clutter to shine through again. By understanding that it’s normal to live in an ebb and flow of the feeling of Thought 100% of the time we allow this immune system to do its job without interference. We realise we have the capacity to shine from any feeling state.

It is all part of the Perfect design.

Much love,



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