The Security Trap

The Security Trap

In an interview after a shaky start to Wimbledon, Roger Federer whether he realised or not, pointed straight to a universal truth.

“Nerves are a funny thing, sometimes you get horribly nervous and other times it’s a piece of cake.”

Sounds simple but knowing that both sides are extremely normal and have nothing to do with the game at hand or any circumstance in life lets our true potential shine through from any feeling state.

With this inner knowing combined with his sublime skill, Federer showed up with more ease and was able to perform from any feeling state and win his 8th Wimbledon title.

One of the most common illusions in life is that our feelings, well-being, love and security rest somewhere outside of us.

By outside I mean, circumstances, jobs, relationships, bank balance, sporting performances and so on.

This illusion is a side effect of human kinds greatest and most innocent misunderstanding; That what we feel in any moment has anything to do with the world of form.

The most simple and only way to see through this conditioned thinking and clutter of the mind is to look within for answers rather than for information, techniques and trying to figure out what is ‘wrong’. When we look within we return to the innate guidance of the true mind.

What do I mean when I say look within?

Feelings are an inner thing, they ebb and flow between clarity and clutter, confidence and unease. The greatest leverage point in navigating this is the insightful knowing that whatever we are feeling moment to moment has nothing to do with anything outside of us or anything that we are thinking about.

We live in the feeling of an energy 100% of the time.

We feel a universal energy that is the creative agent of Thought and then a lot of the time our intellect will innocently attach content of personal thinking to try and explain what we are feeling.

Insight into how the system of the mind operates allows us to know that no matter where we are in any given moment whether high or low, calm or stressed, every single part of it is part of being human. Nothing to fix, nothing wrong with us, nowhere to get to. This knowing allows us to operate from our innate clarity more of the time, even in moments of insecurity we are guided by insight and common sense rather than reacting to the world around us because we innocently believe it is causing our feelings. With less clutter around trying to control our feelings and the world around us we open up to our true potential (as Federer did at Wimbledon).

This insightful understanding of our experience allows that old myth of security to fall away and have less of a hold on us. When we are living believing security is dependant on circumstances we are actually getting in the way of releasing our true potential.

For example; If I am constantly believing that my well-being and value is dependant upon my sports career, things like, winning games, getting paid a certain amount, length of contract, validation from others and so on can seem really important contributing factors to my well-being and security as a human being.

It may sound counterintuitive to what we have all been taught from a young age, but in fact the less we are caught up in outcomes and what something means to us the more we are in line with our natural born capacity to excel in life. We all know our best insights come to us at the most random times like walking the dog or taking a shower, rather than while racking our brains in the office. Most athletes will describe their best moments in games as instinctive “I wasn’t thinking anything” or “It felt like something other than me was making the play.”

This is our true nature at play, a wisdom far greater than our own intellect running the show. There is not a doing or technique to get to this, it is a part of being human. The more we understand how we work the more we thrive.

Life truly is an inner thing and coming to see this is a game changer.

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